Answer : enrichment

A)    Comprehension text:
  1. Wei Ling likes going to the night because there are__  a lot of__ things to see.
  2. Wei Ling 's mother bought ___three___ types of vegetables.
  3. The vegetables are  ___cheap___.
  4. The fruits Wei Ling likes are mangoes and __grapes__.
  5. From the passage, which word means something that you like very much?__favourite__

B) Grammar blog - Article

  1. I need __an__ onion and __an__ egg to make an omelette.
  2. She wants to bake __a__ cheesecake. She wants to put cherries on __the__ cheesecake.
  3. I saw __an__ owl last night. __The__ owl had big red eyes.
  4. Don't forget to bring __a___ sweater. __The__ wind is cold.
  5. My father buys me __a___ pencil case and __an__ eraser.
  6. This is __a__ picture of __an__ elephant.
  7. We will reach __the__ river in __an__hour.
  8. That is __an__ ant. It is carrying __the__ rice.
  9. I saw __a__ letter on the table. I took __the__ letter and read it.
  10. My mother bought __a__ papaya and __a__ bunch of grapes.
  11. Do you have __a__ pen and __a__ notebook ?
  12. Amin is __an__ honest boy. He returns __the__ wallet he found in the canteen.
  13. I saw __a__ girl crying. I gave __the__ girl a candy.
  14. I ate __an__ apple and __an__ egg for breakfast this morning.
  15. The boys saw __the__ bird. They took __the__ bird home. 


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