Answer : The Sound of Animals


Fill in the blanks with the correct letters.

This is a l_i_ _o_ n.

Its r_o_ _a_ r.

It eats meat.

 This is a c_o_w.

  Its _m_o_o_.

  It eats grass.

  This a s_h_ ee_p_.
   Its b_a_ _a_.

   It eats grass too.

This is a _m_onk_e_y.

 Its c_h_at_t_er.

 It likes to fruits, especially  bananas.

This is a d_u_ _c_ k swimming is a pool.

 Its q_u_ _a_ ck.

 It eats vegetables and meats.

           This a poison s_n_ _a_ ke.

            Its h_i_ _i_s.

            It likes to meat.

           This  an  el _e_ ph_a_nt.

            Its t_r_ _u_mp_e_t.

            It likes to bamboo.

    This a  p_i_g_e_ _o_n.

     Its c_o_ _o_.

     It symbolizes peace and tranquility.

This a  ch_i_ck_e_ _n_.

 Its cl_u_ _c_k.

 It eats rice and worms.

       This a  d_o_g.

        Its w_o_ _o_f.

        It eats bone.

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