Answer : sing a songs

 Complete the passage below.

Stay Healthy

                       wear          teethe         healthy         bathe       hands

       You must ___bathe____ every day to keep body clean. Then 
you must ___wear____ clean clothes. You also need to brush 
your____brush____ at least twice a day. Remember to wash 
your ______hands________ before and after meals. You must do 

all the above to stay _____healthy____.

B) Find out the words with the "q" and "z" sounds.

                                z  e  d  o  q  u  i  l  l  a  n  g
                    q  u  z  i  p  a  t  q  u  i  c  k
                    r  o  q  u  e  i  z  e  b  r  a  d
                  m  a  q  u  e  e  n  u  z  o  o  t 

  1. ___quill_____
  2. ___zip______
  3. ____quick___
  4. ____zebra___
  5. ___queen____
  6. ____zoo_____

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