Many animals as our pets, especially dogs, cats and birds are our first choice. There hamsters, goldfish, chameleon, rabbit, snake are also many people like as their pet, what animals you love your pet as it?

Here are a few exercises you can try to find out.

A) Click ( / ) to the animals which can be kept as pet. Then complete the sentences with "can" or "cannot".

This is tiger.

Tiger ________ as my pet. 

(               )   


     This is a  rabbit.

    Rabbit ________ as my pet. 

     (               )  

This is a ziraffe.

Ziraffe ________ as my pet. 

(               )  

This is a hamster.

Hamster ________ as my pet. 

(               )  

This is a cat.

Cat ________ as my pet. 

(               )  

This is a parrot.

Parrot ________ as my pet. 

(               )  

B) Based on the pictures and information given, complete the sentences.

Tina's pet is a pussy cat.

It is balck , grey and white.

It eats fish

 John's pet is a ______________.

It is ________________.

It eats ________________.


Jenny's       . .  .                                                     .

C) Let us know your pet . Then based on the questions below, write three sentences about it. ( If can, please insert your pet photo or pictures).

  1.  what is your pet?
  2. what colour is your pet?
  3. what does it eat?

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